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Develop  n  Achieve - The Life Board Games

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The DNA (Develop N Achieve) Board Game is meant to help enhance personal growth and attain life skills. It explores the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, behaviors, and skills that are necessary in bridging the gap and conquering the stumbling blocks that limit our potential to develop and achieve. The Develop n Achieve Board Game gives players five sets of cards to answer thought-provoking questions to help guide their journey toward self-discovery. As players become aware of their mental/emotional, physical, environmental and spiritual skills with the help of the Talk About cards they will identify their strengths and weaknesses while developing and achieving life goals. The Develop n Achieve Board Game provides tools to utilize in the process of problems resolution, sharpening strengths and

clarifying individual goals.



The DNA (Develop N Achieve) Board Game

is available for $79.99



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The DNA (Develop N Achieve) Lite

Board Game is available 

for $49.99

The DNA (Develop N Achieve) Lite Board Game offers uniquely humorous, illustrated cards that describe everyday challenges that motivate players to gain a clearer sense of identity and direction in life. Utilizing the board game with the cards motivates players to achieve their higher potential. The DNA (Develop N Achieve) Lite Board Game utilized 30 wild cards and 28 Talk About Cards represented by 14 various symbols on the outer side of the card and the question/statement on the inner side of the card. The symbols were chosen to reflect the meaning or understanding of the question or statements on the Talk About Cards. Players will become increasingly more effective at identifying and developing their strengths and achieving personal growth. 

Order these therapeutic & fun board games today to be shipped to your home soon for you and your family to enjoy!

Created By: Jean M. Gehrke, MHS, CADC
 Sharon A. Saad, Psy.D., LCPC

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